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What is blog?

Blog is any knowledge, experience you have and you want it to share with world in written form on a website. For example: you can define about latest technology, finance,  cooking recipe and you can share about your experience in your college, office and your visits.

The process of writing a blog is called blogging.

Person who write blog are known as blogger.

Blogging is not only writing; it is a business in itself which involves an in-depth understanding of a domain and topic, digital marketing, and sales. In technical terms, blogging is referred to as content marketing. In fact, content is called ‘King of Digital Marketing’, it is the foundation for successful online marketing.

Why to write blog?

  • Attract an Audience or to inspire your audience
  • To improve your writing skills
  • Learn new skills
  • Create Opportunities
  • Organize your thoughts and Learn
  • Tell your story
  • Meet new people
  • To generate an income (Passive income)
  • To connect with Like-Minded people

Future or Scope of blog?

Blogging is evergreen skills and that will be more enlightened in the upcoming future. If you are a businessman and you have a website then do blogging. Why?

Because it helps you in your business. it helps to drive quality traffic and leads to your site. It also helps in brand awareness of your business. Nowadays, it is an essential element in business.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is simply one of google algorithm to rank your blog/post/article on google search results.

   How to write SEO friendly blog?
  • Think before you write
  • Use paragraphs and headings
  • Use Transition words
  • Use related keywords
  • Optimize the length of your article ( minimum 300 words)
  • Link to existing content
  • Add content regularly
  • Optimize your images and other media elements

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