Ayodhya Judgement, Mixed Secularism! by Priyanka Yadav

uploaded:: 4:03:55pm 4 Nov 2020

by, Priyanka Yadav

I consider myself to be secular, so why do I not see it that way? What does the term ‘secular’ mean? Honestly speaking, secularism means separation entirely of church and state.In a secular nation, the government stays away from anything religious. 

Secularism in Indian context does not mean state will stay away from religion. Instead it would mean maintaining equidistance from all religions. Unfortunately, that equidistance never took place.

For the last few days India’s Ayodhya verdict pronounced on Saturday, had created a buzz over the globe.  The dispute was between the 16thcentury Babri mosque, built by Mughal Emperor Babur in 1528, &the demand in its place for a temple as few sections of Hindus believe that it was the exact place where the prominent god Rama was born. The Ayodhya dispute is of  majority versus minority issue with the BJP-RSS combining the issue to make it one of the inter-community relations. 

The BJP also used the Ayodhya dispute to make it appear as if Hindus were victims in their own land.

Thereafter, few of the political parties are in favour to dilute the secular credentials of the audience for their benefit. Such audience mainly includes minorities ,have a influential impact rapidly through which bitterness is born.

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