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How to create blog in blogiez

If you are new to blogiez you must read this quite simple procedure so, lets start….

Step 1- go to your profile as shown below.

Step 2- go to add post just below your followers.

Step 3- write down your tittle according to your post.

Step 4- add a thumbnail for your post.

Step 5- add a brief text in description for your blog.

Step 6- now a quite complicated part starts from here which is content part.

   1) Different font setting you can get here.

      2) To insert a image click on gallery as shown below.

  • Now goto the option of upload.

  • Click on choose files.


  • Now select the file from system files.???????
  • Click on the option send to the server (there are certain condition for uploading an image like your image should be below 2000 kb and its resolution should be (1024 x 800) then only server will accept your image request ).


  • If your image is successfully uploaded then click on OK button.


  • You can adjust your image according to you by just selecting your photo.
  • If any problem is occurring while adjusting your photo then you can adjust it manually by going on source button.

    3) Other things are quite simple as any other documentary software such as creating a hyperlink, changing font color etc.

Step 7- Now select your blog category (atleast 2 category).

Please select some relevant category

Step 8- select sub-category for your blog.

Step 9- click on add blog.


Comment down if these information is useful for you.

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