Important things for first year students and career opportunities by Professor

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Important things for first year students

  1.  Explore: Explore to see new opportunities around you.
  2.   Make Connection: Making connection is one of the best things you do in college/university. This will improve your communication skill. 
  3. Don't be afraid to try new things
  4. Don't try to learn everything.
  5. Save your Written Code: Must save your written code on github
  6. Start internships as soon as possible.
  7. Start Investing: If you have extra money, then start investing it.
  8. Create Project
  9. Learn Programming Languages
  10. Group discussion should be about goal, new ideas, upcomming technologies etc (not about girls).
  11.  Marks: Don't run after marks.
  12.  Create Linkedin Account
  13.  Choose your friend Wisely ( because your friend represents you ) 

Career Opportunities for Engineering Students

  1. Web Designer
  2. Web Developer
  3. UI/UX Designer
  4. Entrepreneur (focus on Startups)
  5. Photo Designer (photoshop)
  6. Logo Designer
  7. Video Editor
  8. Android Developer
  9. IOS Developer
  10. Programmer ( for AI, ML, Cloud Computing etc)
  11. Digital Marketer ( google marketing, facebook marketing, email marketing etc)
  12. Youtuber
  13. Blogger
  14. Memer
  15. Arduino Projects
  16. Raspberrypi Projects
  17. Gamer
  18. Basically Engineers are in every field (Programmer to Comedian). Choose your field wisely.

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