Innovation of T20 Cricket at it's best by Saimi Ali

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T2O cricket is one of the greatest acquisition in all time sports history because it is one of the fastest cricketing sports acknowledged not only by people of India but also by the people of entire cricketing world. In T20 Cricket you get to acknowledge cricket in a fast track mode and since it adds up an extra excitement the crowd is basically ready for more drama in comparison to test matches and one day internationals.

Now to add up more spice in T20 Cricket the brand value of advertisement is also an important step to create lots and lots of revenues.

Advent of T20 has allowed cricket to reach worldwide audience so as to have a global presence in the entire world and that is because this way Cricket can move closer to the popularity of number 1 sport that is Football and hence this way cricket can also become a most important sports in the entire world. So even after the advent of T20 Cricket some of the most important questions have arised?

Can T20 be replaced with T10 in future?

Now the specific answer to this question is that even if two formats were to be on a collision course even then the popularity of both the formats would still remain the same.

Can T20 become a part of Olympics?

Yes the shortest format can be a best acquisition for a global event like Olympics.

Can T20 ever become a popular sport in United States?

Yes only if more and more number of Americans will have a global presence in this sport. In America cricket can only become popular if you will have most number of stadiums with International and League Matches Accordingly.

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