Race Between the turtle and rabbit by Professor

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Race Between the turtle and rabbit

"The race between the turtle and rabbit", we all heared this story in our childhood. But in this blog I am going to tell  you what happen after the race.

But firstly let me summarise the story, there was a race between a rabbit and a turtle in a forest. Many animals from the forest come to see the race. The race begins and rabbit run very fast and in the middle of the track when rabbit see the turtle, the turtle is in the beginning of the track, so rabbit decided to take rest and he sleep their. When rabbit wake up he saw that turtle win the race. 

If you remember the moral of the story, this is "Slow and Steady win the Race".

Now, I am going to tell you what happen after this. After losing the race, rabbit is very sad about it and he decided to commit suicide so he went to forest but their he met a mentor ( he is the mentor of the forest). Mentor ask rabbit what happened, then rabbit told the whole story to mentor. Mentor motivate rabbit and told that "rabbit is always faster than turtle, you lose race because of your laziness and mistake. Go and challenge turtle for another race". Rabbit came and challenge the turtle, now the turtle is in full atitude and he say "I defeated you once, I will defeate you again", The race begin again and rabbit run very fast and he win the race whereas the turtle is in the beginning of the track. 

Now the moral of this is story is change to "Fast and Focused Win the Race".

Story is not ended here, let me tell you what heppen after this. Now the turtle is very sad and shocked. Now he went to forest for suicide and he also met the mentor. Mentor ask  him what happened, he told the whole story. Now mentor motivate him and tell him to challenge rabbit for another race and he also tell that you must change the track of the race. Their is a fast flowing river, and a flag on the other side of the river. Whoever touch the flag first,  will win the race.

Now the turtle came and challenge the rabbit and ask him to change the track and rabbit agreed with him. Now race begin and rabbit run very fast and reached near the river but he is not able to cross the fast flowing river and when turtle came he swim and cross the river and touch the flag. Turtle won the race.

Now the moral of the story is "Understand yourself and your capability and where you belongs to". Don't compare yourself with anybody. Rabbit is fast on land but he is not able to swim in the river whereas turtle is slow on land but he is able to swim in river.

Story end here, Thankyou for reading this...

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