Roadmap to become a web developer by Professor

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Roadmap to become a web developer

Lets start with basics, the first thing, what is website?

Website:  A website is a collection of web pages containing text, hypertext, images etc on the internet or on World Wide Web (WWW). Websites can be accessed by anybody, anywhere, anytime. But firstly you need to upload your website on the server. The average salary for a web developer in India is ranging from the Rs 1,25,000 to 8,90,000 and the average salary for a web developer in USA is ranging from the $53500 to $73800.

Web Design: Website design or web design means creating the layout (how the front page look like) of website using html, css or canvas, photoshop. Web designer mainly focus on the look of a website.

Web Development: Web Development means creating whole website includig design of the website.

There are 3 types of web developer: 

1. Frontend web Developer: People who mainly focus on web designing ( design of web page) are called frontend Web Developer. These people mainly know HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, TAILWIND, Javascript (maybe) etc

2. Backend Web Developer: People who make website dynamic, create and connect website with database and perform all logical operation of website are called Backend Web Developer. These people know programming languages like PHP, Javascript, SQL, Django, nodejs etc

3. Full Stack Web Developer: People who design frontend and backend of websites are called Full Stack Web Developer.

Website can be created using two ways:

1. With Coding or using Programming languages like PHP, nodejs etc.

2. Without Coding (using wordpress, nicepage, wix).

Without Coding: Lets first talk about creating website without coding, we can create website using wordpress, nicepage, wix and many more website. All these takes just 5 to 10 hours to learn and you can create any type of website you want but all these are mostly famous to create blogging website. It is good for short term learning ( because you can create a website within a day ) and earning. But for long term this will not work, no company hires anybody for wordpress website developer. 

With Coding: Here you need to learn many programming languages like Javascript, PHP, SQL (it is a query language) etc. Its take time to learn but for long term it is a good choice for you. Company hire this type of web developer. Lets talk about steps to become full stack web developer.

steps to become full stack web developer

Step 1: You can start with HTML then CSS and then BOOTSTRAP (it's a css framework) (great, now you are able to create any type of static website, blog website). All these just take 1-2 months if you learn daily about 1 hour.

Step 2: Learn basics of  JAVASCRIPT to create dynamic website. After learning all these, now here you complete your frontend web deveoplemnt course. It will take approx 1 month to learn basics of javascript. (Important tip) You don't need to learn object oriented of javascript you just need to learn basics of javascript. ( ( optional ) after javascript you can learn jquery and ajax it will help you to write less code of javascript and it work even faster).

Step 3: Now for backend PHP is the best and easy language to start with. (if you learn Javascript, you already know many things about php)

Step 4: After PHP you can learn SQL for database. Both PHP and SQL take approx 2-3 months to learn. Great and cheers for you, now you are a full stack web developer and now you can create any type of website you want but you need to practice a lot.

You just need these 4 steps to become a full stack web developer. After this, you can go with the latest technologies of web development like Reactjs (MERN), Angularjs (MEAN), Django etc.

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